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Environmental Scoping Document File Size:5.85MB
Public Environmental Review File Size:3.77MB
1. Introduction File Size:1.39MB
2. Proposal Description File Size:2.87MB
3. Project Justification & Alternatives Consideration File Size:541KB
4. Stakeholder Engagement & Consultation File Size:663KB
5. Environmental Protection & Management File Size:1.16MB
6. Existing Environment Part 1 File Size:13.75MB
Existing Environment Part 2 File Size:8.96MB
7. Impact Assessment & Management File Size:16.07MB
8. Heritage Management & Protection File Size:1.02MB
9. Risk Based Approach to EIA File Size:508KB
10. Closure & Rehabilitation File Size:1.06MB
11. Study Team File Size:580KB
12. Peer Review Panel File Size:486KB
13. Environmental & Social Management Commitments File Size:1.63MB
14. Greenhouse Emissions File Size:475KB
15. References File Size:434KB
Appx. 1 Key Drivers File Size:112KB
Attachment 1 Regional Map File Size:7.08MB
Response to Submission Document File Size:7.18MB
Appx 2 Transcript of submissions File Size:99KB
Appx 5 Draft Offset Strategy Document File Size:7.18MB
EPA Report and Recommendations (1361) File Size:1.17MB
WA Ministerial Statement and Approval (1361 MS839) File Size:2.85MB
EPBC Ministerial Approval (2008-4270) File Size:5.54MB